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Custom Cable Assemblies and Specialty Cables

- Cable Design
- Cable Engineering
- Cable Manufacturing
- Rubber and Plastic Molding Services
- Off the Shelf and Custom Rubber and Plastic Strain Relief, Cable Grommets, Strain Relief Bushings, Cable Boots, Strain Relief Fittings, etc.

Cutting Edge Technologies and Materials, Innovative Designs and Full Customer Support!

RoHS Compliant Cables

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Training and Start Up Assistance For Companies That Don't Do Molding

We provide molding services to OEM and cable assembly companies. On-site training is available to assist in the development of in-house capabilities…We can truly become your  "overmold engineering department". We can help with:

- Custom molds specific to your customer requirement.
- Application engineering support
- Custom logo and color matches


Please see below a summary of our capabilities:

Molding "ends" for companies that do not have molding capabilities, i.e. working with customer supplied material.

Molding custom strain relief sections on to a customers cable assembly

Complete Manufacturing of custom molded assemblies and harnesses. We are the industry leader in quick turn-around, low volume, and high mix cable production.

Providing standard strain relief products, in over 1,500,000 off-the-shelf configurations and at no design and tooling cost to the customer. You can order our strain / flex reliefs and grommets in various combinations, based on the grommet style, cable diameter, rib style, slot thickness, slot shape, inner flange, and color.

Providing custom strain relief products to complete customer specifications.

Designing and fabricating over-mold tooling that "works", both standard and custom. Over 2,500 over-mold tool designs, involving over 100 types of connectors, are already in our portfolio. We continuously design custom tooling to satisfy our customer needs. These tools are built for machines such as Newbury, Autojector, Ameriplas, Multiplas, etc. Our Solidworks 3D design capabilities represent the leading edge in the industry.

Molding Embedded Circuitry is our specialty. Using state of the art molding capabilities, we engineer and develop leading edge embedded circuitry cables and over-molded SMT/ML PCB's, switches and sensors. We have a long tradition of designing and over-molding electronic components and have achieved a clear leadership role in the field.


Industrial and Mil Spec


Cable Harnesses & Specialty


PCBs, Switches & Sensors


Coaxial Cable Assemblies


Audio Cable Assemblies


Communication & Computer


Printed Circuit Board


Power Cable Assemblies


Modular Cords


Strain Relief & Grommets

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