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RoHS Compliant Cables

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RoHS Compliant Cables
Standard and Custom Cables, made from Pb-Free/RoHS Compliant Wire & Cable and Pb-Free/RoHS Compliant Connectors, RoHS Compliant Cable Manufacturing & Injection Molding Technologies

Our company develops standard and custom RoHS compliant cables that meet the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive and other environmental initiatives.

These cables are designed to meet several national and international environmental initiatives including Proposition 65 in the state of California, the EU RoHS and WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives, and other global laws including China's proposed hazardous substance legislation, and the Japan Green Program as well as other directives which address lead, heavy metals and other hazardous substances.

We offer lead-free and heavy-metal-free RoHS compliant cables for most industries and applications, such as computer, communications, medical, industrial, commercial and video use.

We work with both components and fabrication technologies (such as connector soldering and injection molding), that are RoHS compliant. Please see below some of these components and parts:

    The Tyco Madison Cable line of Pb-free and heavy-metal-free RoHS Compliant wire & cable for SCSI, Fiber Channel, Infiniband, video, as well as multi-conductor, multi-pair, coax, parallel pair, planar and single conductor applications
    RoHS/Pb-Free Connectors from Molex
    RoHS/Pb-Free Connectors from AMP
    RoHS/Pb-Free Connectors from FCI/ Burndy
    RoHS/Pb-Free Connectors from Fisher Connectors
    RoHS Compliant Wire & Cable from other manufacturers
    RoHS Compliant Connectors from other manufacturers

    Our RoHS Compliant Cables are available in Plenum and non-plenum designs

Contact us about the RoHS compliance if you need UL/CSA approval.

What products need to meet the RoHS Compliance

    RoHS Product Compliance Categories
    The following product categories are impacted under the RoHS Directive:
    1. Large household appliances: refrigerators, washers, stoves, air conditioners
    2. Small household appliances: vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, coffee makers, irons
    3. Computing & communications equipment: computers, printers, copiers, phones
    4. Consumer electronics: TVs, DVD players, stereos, video cameras
    5. Lighting: lamps, lighting fixtures, light bulbs
    6. Power tools: drills, saws, nail guns, sprayers, lathes, trimmers, blowers
    7. Toys and sports equipment: videogames, electric trains, treadmills
    8. Automatic dispensers: vending machines, ATM machines

    The following products are currently exempted from RoHS compliance:
    1. Large stationary industrial tools
    2. Control and monitoring equipment
    3. National security use and military equipment
    4. Medical devices
    5. Some light bulbs and some batteries
    6. Spare parts for electronic equipment in the market before July 1, 2006.


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